The mix of CNC and manual machines into what is now a modern machine shop capability, allows us to produce batch runs or one-offs of a virtually any type of component in a wide range of materials.

We can cope with machining 2m plus lengths of stainless steel thresholds for the building industry just as easily as very small, complex components for the electronics or food sectors. Much of the work undertaken is required to be produced to the tightest of tolerances and within strict timescales.

The variety of machinery we have at our disposal means there are very few machining jobs that we are not able to cope with. Because of the flexibility of available machines, we are invariably able to turn round critical repairs or replacement parts very quickly, sometimes even within 24 hours. Vital if you have a production line that is down because of one small component.

Please feel free to contact us with any machining enquiry, whether it be small or large.

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