• CAB Heaters

    CAB Heaters

    The current dual heater version allows cabs to be heated within minutes.

Cab Heaters

Originally designed around the turn of the millennium to fill an obvious gap in the market, our cab heater incorporates a dual heating arrangement to enable train cabs to be used immediately rather than waiting for the train’s water temperature to get to a level where it is capable of heating the cab. This is important to the train operator who has to provide the driver with agreed working conditions.

With a Griffen Cab Heater installed,  the driver is able use the cab immediately. This gives improved train reliability, even more so as the electric part of the heater can be re-activated should there be a problem with the train’s primary water cooling system. This in turn leads to higher profitabilty because of less down-time. Also old units can easily be replaced with new, again, with little down-time.

It is possible to install these heaters into cabs other than trains and they could aslo be converted into a mobile unit using a 110 volt to 24 volt transformer.




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